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Welcome to FAM.

The home for career builders in financial services.

If you're at the start of your career in financial planning, you're in the right place.

We know that starting your career in financial planning can be scary...

...that's why we started a community to help you grow and flourish.

Does this sound familiar?

Start of financial planning career

You're at the start of your career in financial planning.

financial planner support network

You don't feel like you have a support network that you can go to for help.

financial planning exam peer support

You need help with exams, forging your career and becoming a good financial planner.

Our Equation:

New Financial Planners





What we do:


financial planning community

We connect you with hundreds of other financial planning career builders just like yourself.

This gives you an opportunity to communicate and collaborate with your peers in a growth environment and safe space.

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financial planner resources
financial planner events

We provide you with a large amount of videos, exercises, articles and much more to help you become a better financial planner and get through your qualifications.

All expertly curated by some of our profession's most renowned voices.

We host a number of exclusive events that are there to help you grow as a financial planner and to learn from others. 

You will get various opportunities to ask questions and to come up with ideas together as a community. 

financial adviser mentorship app

An app built for financial planning career builders to thrive.

What people say about FAM:

peter best
"From a personal point of view it has allowed me to learn from more experienced members while also allowing me to give back to the industry by sharing my knowledge with those just starting out on their journey"
jess streeter
"Not only have I created connections for life but I have learnt a lot from all the members of the group and they have been fully supportive of me in my exams and in my journey to becoming an Adviser"
andy taylor
"The group is full of professional, humble people who are eager to listen and learn. Being part of it has given me a new lease of life and given me opportunities I wouldn’t otherwise have got"

How much does this cost?


It's free.
Joining our amazing community doesn't cost you a penny.

You get access to the entire community and all of our content without paying anything. 

We do this as we want to remove the barriers to entering financial planning, rather than creating them.

How to join:

Joining our community is simple.
All you need to do is click on the button over there and you will be taken to our community. 

Getting set up takes minutes!

Get in touch:

Thanks for submitting!

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